Jobs Available in the Cannabis Sector

Cannabis has created thousands of job opportunities over the past few years. This is most especially in states and areas it has been legalized for medical and recreational use. The industry is undergoing constant growth and hence, is expanding. Inevitably, companies have to hire new employees, and due to this, cannabis employment is estimated to grow by at least 110% by 2021.

This industry is a large job creator and will continue to provide well-paying jobs to keep up with growth. There are different fields of employment in the cannabis sector, and the following are examples.

Brand Ambassadors

There is a rising demand for brand ambassadors in cannabis companies. This is primarily due to the creation of new products by various companies. As well as the over-saturation of the market with these products. Brand ambassadors are required to promote brand awareness and sales of these products.

Dispensary Store Manager

A store manager oversees the operations in a cannabis dispensary. They monitor the inventory of cannabis and set standards and protocols for product delivery and storage services. Other duties include hiring, training, and managing staff in the dispensary.


Budtenders are staff members in medical or adult-use dispensaries. They advise patients and customers on product choices and consumption methods. They answer questions customers have and recommend suitable cannabis products to them. Bud tending needs customer service skills to interact well with customers.


Bud trimmers harvest marijuana plants by hand. They also snip any of the sugars on the plant and fan leaves. They are also, in some cases, responsible for the weighing and packaging of the harvested cannabis. Skills required for this job include knowledge of the anatomy of the marijuana plant, the ability to weigh with accuracy, precision, and manual dexterity.

Grow Master

Grow masters are sometimes referred to as director of cultivation. This is one of the most sought-after positions in the sector and requires the greatest skill. A grow master is in charge of the cultivation of cannabis on a large scale and must know various strains and optimal environmental factors that favor their growth.

Other responsibilities include making sure the crops are being exposed to the right temperatures and ventilation to promote plant health. Grow masters should be familiar with state regulations concerning cannabis and cannabis products to avoid trouble in the management of the farm.

There are many more jobs in the cannabis sector due to the growing popularity of this healing herb. Cannabis is growing to be a large industry, and you should invest your skills in this industry.